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You may wonder why your dentist is suggesting that you have your wisdom teeth removed, while they’re not causing any problems. Many people often ask the question: is wisdom teeth removal necessary? Well, it might not be necessary if they are healthy, fully grown, biting properly and positioned correctly. Also, you must be able to reach them when you clean your teeth daily, so they can be cleaned as part of your daily hygiene routine.

Most people today, however, are advised to remove their wisdom teeth, as early extraction will help to eliminate the problems associated with impacted wisdom teeth, the term “impacted” describes a tooth that cannot be fully seen in the mouth because it is covered by soft tissue or bone, which may cause problems such as:

To make the right decision regarding the removal of your wisdom teeth, contact us and we can help you find out the position and health of your wisdom teeth and what is best for your particular case.

Bracebridge, Muskoka Dentist, Dr. Wahid Sahyouni

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